Blue Black Hair Dye

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All of us want to look attractive. For this we try to change our appearance by wearing unique dresses and jewelries, apply glossy make ups,  adopt various haircuts and sometimes by changing our hair colors. Interestingly, applying hair colors over hairs is not an easy task; it requires lots of education before coloring your hairs like judgment of the skin tone, color of your eyes, complexion, dress codes and many more.

Person with pink skin should opt for ash hair colors, bright hair color are for dark skin complexion whereas pale skin suits every hair color. However, person with olive skin tone must choose Blue Black Hair Dye to make their hairs look very catchy. It has been observed that people who love to have crazy hair styles and also want to look very fascinating, opt for such hair colors. It sounds very costly to dye the hairs in saloon or parlors but one can just follow some instructions and try it at home which makes it cheaper.

Blue Black Hair DyePoints to be noted before selecting blue black hair dye

a)    Judge your skin color, such hair colors suits olive and dark skin tones

b)    Judge your eye color, person with blue eyes should choose such hair colors

c)    Determine the dress color you want to wear with such hair dye, often blue or black color dress or any light shade will also go through such hair colors

d)    Determine the color of jewelry that suits you best with such hair color

e)    If confused, one may also choose the color chart and take suggestion from the beauty expert for selecting this hair dye or may search online for good suggestions

Steps to be followed for applying this hair dye

a)    Preparing the hairs- choose the color then bleach the hairs with light blond for light blue dye and dark blond for dark blue color dyeing. Bleaching is not at all required if the natural color of hairs are light. Always wear old t shirt before applying bleach. It is also easy to remove by hair stickers which are available in stores and parlors. Then wash the bleach with conditioner and then dry it completely to make the coloring effective.

b)    Follow the direction given in the dye package- generally it should be applied from ½ inch from the root and then to the root at last. Spread the color evenly by combing both internally and externally. Massage the hairs to ensure that all the hairs are touched. Applying Vaseline to the scalp is strictly prohibited.

c)    Showering the hairs- put the head up while showering as this will avoid spreading of the colors.

d)    Drying of hair- you may naturally dry the hair or you may also use hair dryer for drying the hairs. Natural drying of hairs will allow the colors to penetrate gradually and will give an effective look.

e)    Wrap your hairs with a fine plastic to get an effective result.

f)    Rinse with vinegar- this is done to seal the color in the hairs properly and also gives a long lasting. Generally white vinegar is advisable as it is inexpensive, readily available and safe to be used.

g)    Wash with cold water- cold water avoids excess rinsing of the color. Continue washing unless the clear water comes out of the hairs. Rinse it until you are sure that all the sticky dye is out.

h)     Pull of any tape and rinse of any conditioner- wash your neck and back properly and then dry your hair properly as per normal routine.

i)    Shampoo your hair less often- it is always advisable to apply shampoo over the hairs very few times to maintain the color.

j)    Rules for oily hair- try to use color refreshing shampoo once or twice a week. Too much of shampoo and leaving them for more than three minutes may result in loosing of color. So make your own shampoo in a bottle consisting of three parts of normal cleansing shampoo and one part of Blue Black Hair Dye.

k)    Rules for dry to normal hair- similar steps are required to be followed in this case also only conditioner is to be replaced with shampoo.


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